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What we do


Wallonie Design addresses creative industries through the Boost-Up/Creative Industries call for projects initiated by the Creative Wallonia programme. Thanks to this experience in supporting creative industries, Wallonie Design joined the Walloon consortium that set up the Wallonia European Creative District project.

Our actions

Within the framework of the Wallonia European Creative District project, Wallonie Design is implementing two kinds of new actions that aim to support creative industries and raise the awareness on their interest for the rest of the economy. These new actions are on the one hand, launching a mechanism of creativity vouchers and on the other hand, raising the awareness of competitiveness poles and clusters on the interest of creative industries.

Wallonia European Creative District

Wallonia European Creative District is a project led by the Economic Policy Directorate of the Public Service of Wallonia, alongside with ID Campus, St’art Invest, the Walloon Agency for Telecommunications and Wallonie Design. These organizations have designed a programme of actions to answer a call for projects launched by the European Commission in 2012, within the framework of the Competitiveness and Innovation Program (CIP).

The aim of the call for projects was to distinguish two regions that would play the role of « large- scale demonstrator » of the development of a creative eco-system fostering innovation. Tuscany and Wallonia have been selected. The Wallonia European Creative District has started at the beginning of 2013, co-financed by Wallonia and the European Commission, and will come to an end in July 2015.

Creative Economy

Relying on the experience gained from the Creative Wallonia programme, the purpose of the Wallonia European Creative District is to demonstrate the role that innovation, and more precisely innovation that comes from creative industries, can play in the transformation of a traditionally industrial region like Wallonia.

Focusing on breaking down barriers between approaches, the Wallonia European Creative District wishes to encourage a dynamic of creative economy, for example by maximizing the amount of exchanges between creative industries and industrial sectors, but also by opening its scope to an international level.

Creativity Vouchers

Creativity vouchers are a pilot action in Wallonia, launched within the framework of the Wallonia European Creative District. This action aims to encourage collaboration between SMEs that are called “traditional” and creative industries, in Wallonia. The goal is to mix different types of skills.

During the first pilot action that will be held from June to October 2014, ten vouchers of 6.000€ each will be granted at the end of a call for projects. To be selected, the projects must benefit from creativity as a real added value, not just in an aesthetic way.

Linking clusters, competitiveness poles and CCIs

This action aims to create a link between clusters, competitiveness poles and CCIs. Its goal is to raise the awareness on the potential that collaboration between them could represent and to initiate a systematic reflection on the potential needs of clusters and poles members in terms of creative support and to open new markets for creative entrepreneurs.


Wallonia Creative District is a Preparatory Action proposed by the European Parliament and implemented through a Grant Agreement by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry

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